World Croc Day 2017

World Croc Day on the 17th of June, is a day devoted to crocodiles. I have put together some photographs and timelapse videos of our surveys in Corbett Tiger Reserve over the past few years in celebrating World Croc Day at Corbett.

Featuring the diminutive gharial, the aggressive mugger and some of the awesome landscapes I do hope that you like this small collection of Corbett's aquatic denizens.

The backwaters of the Kalagarh Reservoir at Boksar

A Dhikala male

                                                                         Dhikala females

It was perhaps for the first time ever that camera traps were used as a part of estimating a gharial population. Catch one of our time lapse camera trap videos of an adult male gharial and a large mugger at Dhikala in Corbett.

Camera trapped gharial at Dhikala

Trail camera at Dhikala

Sunset over the vast Kalagarh Reservoir is an amazing sight while mugger bask on the Dhikala shoreline.

A Corbett sunset

Mugger in Dhikala......

......and in the Corbett sots

While female gharial hide out in the Dhikala marshes, gharial have been hatching at Boksar - the backwaters of the Kalagarh Reservoir.

Female gharial in the Dhikala marshes

The babies of Boksar

Put through quite a lot of rough use the work horse of the surveys is Corbett is our 12 foot Porta - Bote which runs on an electric engine helping us achieve a low - carbon footprint on our surveys in Corbett.

Our work horse - the 12 foot Porta Bote with its electric outboard motor

I do hope you like this photo gallery that has been put together to celebrate World Croc Day and do remember to be Cautious around Crocodiles....!!!

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