A Turtle Nesting Site

Crocs in Corbett are fun and so are freshwater turtles. It has been quite an experience surving and searching for freshwater turtles. But nothing can be more exciting when discovering a freshwater turtle nesting site.
Sometime earlier in January this year we were surveying the lower sections of the Ramganga River before it entered the Dhikala mudflats in about the same general locations where I had discovered a freshwater turtle nest in the previous season. Having decided then to wait for the next season to see if the site was used regularly it was quite an experience this time round to find not one or two but over four turtle nests in the area.

Freshwater Turtle nesting in Corbett....!!!!

The egg shell remnants were quite fresh indicating that hatching had occurred here recently and while we were not able to place the species that was responsible we do plan to monitor this nesting area as our project progresses…..!!!!