Porta - Bote Crocing

Well... it has been indeed a longtime since I have updated our readers on our surveys. This year so far has been an amazing year in Corbett National Park. We surveyed large sections of the Reservoir shoreline in our new 12 foot Porta - Bote fitted with our 3 Hp Torqeedo electric OBM. The Porta - Bote replaced our inflatable which served us well for three years. 

The Porta - Bote was sent to us all the way from the United States and we are grateful to Porta - Bote International for all their help and co-operation in getting us this boat well in time for our field surveys. 

The new boat does well even in shallow waters and can maneuver in waters of less than one foot getting us close as possible to the shoreline during our croc surveys. A light weight foldable  boat, it folds into four inches and is real easy to set-up in the field.

It was fun operating the boat during our surveys and it took the deep waters of the Kalagarh Reservoir quite well.

We thank Porta - Bote International for expediting the delivery of this boat for the project.

This would not have been possible without the support of the Columbus Zoo, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the Chicago Zoological Society, the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium and Idea Wild who continue to support the Crocodilian and Freshwater Turtle Research and Conservation Project in Corbett Tiger Reserve through 2015. 

A big round of applause to them!!!!


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