Volunteer as a Fund Raiser

Well…..surveying crocs and turtles can be real fun and it costs both in time and effort and by way of funds. Over the past few months much of my time has been taken up trying to raise funds and grants to support this effort so as to continue our research and conservation initiatives….funds are always required specially for our operation costs, salaries and stipends.

So…..if you are interested in helping crocs and turtles in this part of the world but don’t wanna get your feet wet and covered in mud or face the burning mid-day sun of the Kalagarh Reservoir searching for croc and turtle nests you can still come onboard the team…..as a Fund Raiser!!!

Well….the perks of this vacancy are that you can work from home and have the liberty to function at your own pace…..no monthly deadlines and unassailable financial targets…..no attendance registers and breathing – down – your – neck type of Bosses.

What you do need is a flair for raising financial resources….by simply meeting up with interested parties which could be Corporates and Business Houses or even Individuals.

This position is not a full time position so we do not offer salaries but do offer a renumeration on the total fund raised as a sincere thank you for your effort.

So if you feel that this is something that you are looking for you may drop me a line on my email viz schowfin@yahoo.com  and I will surely get back to you.