Well.....all I can say is that Corbett's Gharial have done it again......and of all places in Boksar. Way back before the Kalagarh Dam was built in 1974 Boksar was one of the main breeding grounds for the gharial of the Ramganga. Researchers who surveyed Corbett back then predicted that the gharial nesting grounds would be inundated and the gharial here would loose out. A view held by many to date.

The backwaters of the Kalagarh Reservoir at Boksar, an important nesting area in Corbett 

Back in 2008 I discovered gharial nesting in Boksar in Corbett and again in 2012. Nests were few and were preyed on by monitor lizards in the area. I must confess that often I felt that things did seem a bit not to right for the gharial here ...... till now!!!!

The 2013 season has been way beyond expectations. Gharial nested again in Boksar and this year we observed that atleast 350 - 400 gharial babies hatched successfully in Boksar with parents taking care of their babies..... a first time record ever for Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Gharial Hatchlings in Boksar, Corbett Tiger Reserve

As our research now takes a added new direction we now plan to incorporate the effects of the vast Kalagarh Reservoir on successful gharial hatching in the Reserve in our study of the species here in Corbett. 

Well, a little treat for all of you is this video of a gharial mom......doing what mom does best.....Baby Care....!!!!

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